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Clip On Glasses

  This is a specially designed Lens for myopia, different colors and types of clip on glasses are all in stock with different size,L,M,S size for every myopia glasses, it is suitable for a variety of purposes as driving, fishing, outdoor sports, or different types of 3D.

The most comfortable color for eyes - DEEP GREEN Lens

As more green light reaches your eyes through the dark green lenses, you feel very comfortable, so it is very suitable for summer and outdoor,especial a sun day. A clip on glasses of green lens give us a best sunny day.
The best for night - Yellow Lens
  Yellow lenses can play a graced and brightening effects. Night when driving, can block ultraviolet rays, Blu-ray, to reduce each other the intensity of light, in particular, is to filter out the glare.Morning and night, the sky darkened car, go out to the best.Clip on glasses of yellow lens bring us a bright sports time.
The Best For Driving - Dark Brown Lens  
Tinted lenses can absorb light purple, cyan and 100% ultraviolet and infrared.Can block the smooth and shiny surface reflecting light, the wearer may recognize the subtle part, is the best choice for driving and sports.

Polarized Lens

Polarized Clip on glasses polarized lens manufacturing is based on the principle of light polarization. It offer protection of UV400 and glare filter.We know that when the sun projected on the road or on the water, direct irritation of the eyes, and the eyes are dazzling, fatigue, depending on the material can not be lasting. Especially when you drive a car, and outdoor recreation activities, not only affects our work and play emotional, and even affect our sense of the images and cause dangerous; withstand long-term exposure to direct sunlight, but also lead to a rapid decline in vision, form such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or cataracts. Clip on glasses of polarizer effects that effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam. Light transmittance axis to track the investment in the eyes of visual images, and a clear vision / natural / soft and not harsh.

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